Help Us Out… Get A Print!!!

So we are a little slow on the internet social networking thing. Hell, just today we started a “fan page” on facebook. Have you heard of facebook? Its crazy!!! (here is our fanpage, and if you ever need it in a flash… it is in the link section to the right.) ADD US!!!

Anyways… along with getting to know the internet, we have decided to start a Twitter account, but our username is taken, we tried nevernothing, never_nothing, nevernothingblog… and all are taken. Bummer.

Thats where you come in! We want you to help us out…. in the comments section we want you to suggest usernames for us. there are a few rules to creating a username on twitter so pay attention…

1.) Usernames can only be 15 characters long
2.) You can’t use the characters “-” “.” “/” or anything that cant be used in a URL (really… the only punctuation that you can use is “_” )
3.) That’s about it.

The winner will get to pick a picture from the blog and from any poster and we will make a print for you and send it to you as a thank you, so be sure to leave your name and email when you comment… so we can let you know your the big winner!!!

This contest is going to run until next week monday at 6pm est. (unless we feel like extending it… just sayin.) We are stoked to see what you have for us… hope you like this idea… I know we do.

And now… for no reason what so ever, here is a Morrissey video.