Interview with illustrator Mike Bukowski

It’s interesting to watch someone grow as an artist right before your eyes. I have been friends with Philadelphia illustrator Mike Bukowski for about a decade now, and I can honestly say I’ve seen just that. From doing fliers for local shows, to record covers for international bands, to having his own solo shows, the progression has been obvious. We sat down at his South Philadelphia home to talk about “Roll for Damage”, his new show in which we see his interpretations of classic Dungeon & Dragons creatures.


Interview with artist Jeanne D’Angelo

What do you do when you read an old ghost story, and you let your mind create the chilling visage of the main ghoul? Do you shut your eyes and attempt to erase the thought, or do you get to work? Artist Jeanne D’Angelo seems to prefer the latter, using folk lore and old wives’ tales as a fuel for her creative process. We sat down in her South Philadelphia home to chat about monsters, myths, and mayhem. (Well, not really mayhem.)


Interview with photographer Melissa Farley

I could tell you that Melissa Farley is a photographer, but I don’t think that explains it all. In a time when point-and-shoot-from-your-phone-then-upload-to-your- Flickr/Facebook/etc is the convenient path of today’s photographer, Melissa is still scouting locations, setting shots for days, and telling a story with each of her pictures. We sat down at her house in South Philadelphia to find out about her start in photography, the stories in her pictures, and her rediscovered family. (more…)

Interview with Sal Giorgi from Peasant Magik Records

Sal Giorgi is the man behind Peasant Magik Records. He’s also the musician behind one of their artists, Pillars of Heaven, and played guitar in another, Belegost. He’s also been a friend for the better part of a decade. Sometimes, you forget to ask your friends about their projects. When I heard that Sal was ending Peasant Magik, I figured I’d stop waiting to find out.