these berries smell like shit, i don’t know why

legalize almost everything.

i dont have much in this life – but take it, its yours.


Great show coming up Friday with all Chrissy and Clint, and a bunch of friends:

Chris Duncan, Sean Greene, Karoline Collins, Calef Brown, Sam James Velde, Rich Jacobs, Sandy Yang, Billy Sprague, Mike Sutfin, Ryan Patterson, Damon Robinson, Cynthia Connolly, Jeff Coad, Bert Queiroz, Ben Clark, Jordin Isip, Melinda Beck, James Gallagher, Matt Leines, Tim Kerr, Chris Johanson, Pat Graham, Chrissy Piper, Clint Woodside, James Ross, Sonny Kay, Jason Farrell, Ross Farrar, Josh Turner, Atiba Jefferson, Cali Dewitt, Mark McCoy, Nina Hartman, Otis Bee, Lee Spielman, James Wall, Malia James, Magdelena Wosinka, Jim Brown, David Pajo, Bill Daniel, Chris Shary, Brian Walsby, Rick Froberg + more!

Curated By Rich Jacobs & Sam James Velde

Musical Performance at 9pm by: COLISEUM

More here.


This is LA, not LA

one day we will all fall

there will be questions

amazing grace

hoist the flag

cut from the cloth