“For all of my friends. The ones who make life not hurt. You’re so fucking good.” – Bill McRight

All Buddhas and Dharmas All Jesuses and Jerusalems

Eternity Is the other side Of the other part of your mind That you ignore Because you want to.

We all wait for the next thing to happen. It’s happening all over the world only some places they supply prophylactics, and some places they talk business. We haven’t got a leg to stand on. – Kerouac

The Skyline was Beautiful On Fire… Everything Washed In A Thin Orange Haze.

…But the wind goes right through you, It’s no place for the old

alone, in ruins

I can no longer shop happily.

This town its fucking insane, How one will starve and another will gain Like a giant mechanical brain and the people are cells and the streets are veins

Positive Amputation