You only want me when I’m gone.

But we are tired, We are hardly breathing, And we’re free, Go tell the women that we’re leaving…

That’s the game, game of strife everything is all in stride…

Life is just what happens to you, While your busy making other plans.

Interview with illustrator Mike Bukowski

It’s interesting to watch someone grow as an artist right before your eyes. I have been friends with Philadelphia illustrator Mike Bukowski for about a decade now, and I can honestly say I’ve seen just that. From doing fliers for local shows, to record covers for international bands, to having his own solo shows, the progression has been obvious. We sat down at his South Philadelphia home to talk about “Roll for Damage”, his new show in which we see his interpretations of classic Dungeon & Dragons creatures.


One of Us.

waning days…

Are we content with this collection of minutes we call life? Are we living or just collecting time?