There Are Days… Then There Are Days.

Please Do Not Bend – Art Inside

Self Expression Has No Boundaries… PERIOD.

Here’s some pic from the Move show at Space 1026. Its up till June 25th… so get over while you can.

You Can Look Down On Me As Long As You Look At Me.

Alex and I went to NYC to get some art from Steve Powers for the Move show and see some work of Ed Templeton’s at the International Ceneter for Photography. Steve was a good time, as always (note the pants in the first picture… my man has a thing… and he goes for it.) and Ed’s work was killer. Also… Shout out to Ned Vena… rad hanging for the day and trying various coffees and seeing weird bookshops.

Rad people.

Queen’s Birthday a chill day at work.

Where the Wind Begins.

Our Men On The Street.

I catch the essence in my clothes and on my hands, Camels, spilled Corona and the sound of mariachi bands.