Don’t beat yourself upside the head. Don’t beat yourself for this. Don’t beat yourself upside the head, don’t beat yourself for this. Oh, there is a way out. It’s a natural plan, the natural. How many days do we sit around, while they keep on burying all our leaders in the ground. Organize, centralize. It’s time for us to fight for our lives. Destroy Babylon. Oh there is a way.

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  1. Mike, when I was a kid (10 or 11), I caught the bus there at Market and Powell st. Someone used to stand in that same spot with the same sign, and I would work on my memorization skills. Thinking back all I could ever remember was “Fallen, Fallen is Babylon the great…” I definitely didn’t know what fornication was. Thanks for the random ass memory!

    Comment by kari — 09/20/2010 @ 4:07 am

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