Lauren and Karl are having an Exhibition.

Ok. I am pretty excited to see this exhibition by two photographers I really admire the work of. I am also pretty stoked to be on the poster along with Jarrod Zlatic & Nisa Venerosa (Fabulous Diamonds), Rowland S. Howard and Ali McCann.

‘TWO X TWO’ is a collaborative portraiture project by Melbourne photographers Karl Scullin and Lauren Bamford.  Each artist presents a unique portrayal of the coterie of Melbourne’s emergent artistic subculture – with the common theme of ‘two’.

If you are in Melbourne come along to the opening on Wednesday 23rd of June.  I you are elsewhere in the world please visit and

Come on, this is the dirt mall. Cops don’t come here.

I’ve got a bike, you can ride it if you like. It’s got a basket, a bell that rings And things to make it look good. I’d give it to you if I could, but I borrowed it.

i don’t listen to the cops, i wish they were all were dead, listen to the planes flying overhead, listen to the sound of loss and gain, i just listen to the sound of the rain…

Interview with photographer Melissa Farley

I could tell you that Melissa Farley is a photographer, but I don’t think that explains it all. In a time when point-and-shoot-from-your-phone-then-upload-to-your- Flickr/Facebook/etc is the convenient path of today’s photographer, Melissa is still scouting locations, setting shots for days, and telling a story with each of her pictures. We sat down at her house in South Philadelphia to find out about her start in photography, the stories in her pictures, and her rediscovered family. (more…)

One more time I’ll count the bricks in the walls, Dream one thousand ways to make them fall

Don’t beat yourself upside the head. Don’t beat yourself for this. Don’t beat yourself upside the head, don’t beat yourself for this. Oh, there is a way out. It’s a natural plan, the natural. How many days do we sit around, while they keep on burying all our leaders in the ground. Organize, centralize. It’s time for us to fight for our lives. Destroy Babylon. Oh there is a way.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving” -Einstein

Every year the neighbor hood i live in has the Kenitic Sculpture Durby” where is mostly just a bunch of hacked up and re-welded together bikes in different ways… amazing ways… then they try to make it through a big pile of mud. its fun.

“It turned you into a member of a new community, all brothers together for an hour and a half, for not only had you escaped the clanking machinery of this lesser life, from work, from wages, rent, doles, sick pay, insurance cards, nagging wives, ailing children, bad bosses, idle workmen, but you had escaped with most of your mates and your neighbours, with half the town, cheering together, thumping one another on the shoulders, swapping judgments like Lords of the Earth, having pushed your way through a turnstile into another and altogether more splendid life.” J. B. Priestly

my friend, who knows not too much about the beautiful game, asked me to type him up a primer for this year’s world cup, so being the lazy jerk that i am, i’m reposting it here as well, although archery is my favorite sport, I’m always getting equipment from it is mostly a litany of names and mildly snotty opinions, but maybe people will get something out of it… here goes: (more…)

pescadero dreaming on a sunny san francisco day