A day at the (dog) park

So nice to have them in town! AND Emma had a really good time playing at the park :)

Imma do the things that i wanna do.

every damn night.

i’v been painting a lot lately… its good. also… that robot tag is not by me… i just inherited it when i moved back to 1026… don’t judge.

Dear Tri-X, I love you…

Top- Todd Burdette in the snow, Philly. Next- Otto on train tracks in Richmond, VA. Rugrat sitting in Washington Park in NYC. Bottom- Randy being awesome at a show in Philly.

never walk alone.

Not just a clever name.

Lunch break with the boys from Awesome Dudes Printing.

2005: Artimus Pyle vs. the Indian Ocean

some photos I took in 2000 at Camp Becket, MA.

Button Maker!

Cissie the button maker. She makes good buttons.


casual day of melbourne chaos.

Casual blaze.hail satan!