after the party…

I got down on my knees, and I pretend to pray

Don’t Mess With Texas (or LA)

sorry about the epic post… but this night was epic.

Some people never go crazy, What truly horrible lives they must live.

Here’s to love and friendship!!! The Awesomes!!!

Sometimes you just need to focus on the positive things in your life!!!

Paul and Ariel.

So grateful for the friends I have…

Like this lovely lady, Ms. Karoline Collins! Who else would spend their Valentine’s Day away from their husband to go on photo adventures and help on photo shoots? I feel really grateful for all the amazing people I have in my life!!! Thank you!!! Hope all of you are well!

So… THIS happened.


It’s 2:45 in the morning… and I’m putting myself on warning.

I decided to go out last night around 2:45 and take some snow shots… this is what winter used to be like. I am kind of stoked so see it again.

Look at Piper all busy and shit…

Chrissy is pretty busy this weekend… she is showing in 2 shows this weekend in LA.

first this Friday at the new gallery run by some friends… THIS.

then on saturday she is showing at Family at Tim Kerr’s show…

I am flying out for this big family reunion. That is if philly will let me out from under all this snow tomorrow… everyone keep your fingers crossed!!! (i can’t wait for taco club!)