What a drag it is getting old

Thanks Guys… For everything… Forever.

The people in our lives…

I am constantly inspired and moved by the people in my life. I won’t go on forever about this because I know Adam wouldn’t want me to. BUT I have to mention how proud of and inspired by I am of my friend AC Thompson. He is an investigative reporter that is really making a difference. Please click on the attached link to see the investigative reporting he did post Katrina.


Photo of AC on the Tohono O’odham Reservation in Arizona. Feb 2010

Journal Scan!

Tally Ho!

Matt got a Errol Flynn. (or Robin Hood… or whatever the kids call it these days.) We play darts a lot.

It’s the brief moments that should last forever.

Hanging out in Tucson, AZ…

This is Omer Kreso– he’s a goofy guy but also a guy with a heart of gold and lots of good intentions! I will post more about the project he is working on as well as the link to the book he just released!!! Super inspiring to be around!!!

Birushanah / Whitehorse Tour part 2: A day off down the Great Ocean Road.

Birushanah / Whitehorse Tour Part 1: Mayson’s 31st meets the shakey face.

Summer time in Gippsland at Camp.

A promise to a friend…

This past weekend I spent some time with one of the most inspiring women I have ever met (and her granddaughter). Though the story is too long to write right now, I will get it all down on here in time. For now, I will just say, this woman(JoAnn) made a promise to a friend of hers  to keep her art alive as long as she physically could. After a double mastectomy and now rheumatoid arthritis, JoAnn takes people to visit her friend’s art as often as she can. Her friend passed away years ago… I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to see the amount of love and admiration JoAnn showed towards the place. Not to mention, the love between her and her grandaughter. It was just a really nice way to spend Valentine’s Day– one full of love and inspiration.