this is what halloween looks like!

Who cares if we lost. I know Jon doesn’t.fingerjon 02040020 Picture of Jon Strange (the Phillies finger) taken by Zia Hiltey . Thanks Zia.

I’ll Tear You Limb From Limb, Break You Piece By Piece, Put You In A State Where It Takes All You Got Just To Breathe…

the war is on survival at any costa

fuck it dude… lets go bowling.

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lads, larrikins, louts, losers & legends.

JK slimer and WillNeil at 30wes leo and a mountain of boozedrinking toysdoug in towneric and fattytoilet snacksProfaner Cabsnrnrhgrave upheaval he wears mascaraBen Profanercannonballboys tusslin smiley neil Leo the cutter neil post 30

Le Vida De Tes Nuits

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How do I feel by the end of the day?

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