Tot el camp és un clam som la gent blaugrana Tant se val d’on venim si del sud o del nord ara estem d’acord, ara estem d’acord, una bandera ens agermana. Blaugrana al vent un crit valent tenim un nom el sap tothom: Barça, Barça, Baaarça!

barça barça barça2

nobody told me there’d be days like these.

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When I hear…. the sound of concrete and steel, I sense a rythm, that science can’t feel, I feel the beat…. of our hearts as one, I hold your colour, when my vision is gone, This power is something but the force is blind, Transmitted through a network, of your own kind, As minutes tick away…. and days become years, I know this old feeling, it’s a substance in my tears…


one good minute could last me a whole year.

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giving thanks…

IMG_0786 IMG_0787 IMG_0789

at the end of day it all ends up in the shit


“Truth is a thing immortal and perpetual, and it gives to us a beauty that fades not away in time.” -Frank Norris

the northern shore2 back and forth and back againasutro sundown2aone day a real rain is going to come2

a snippet from the cemetery…

brutal hate moshshelly and the punxchillin with the deadpunx worship thier budda like idol in the best way they know how

killer dogs, big lizard, giant puppets, bookish nerds, t-rex, decay, cage-match native beasts, tiny armies, bottled aggression, phallic giggles and amber relief… what is this strange place I now call home?

borg dog

giant puppets

library bums


decay station


ant attack


bramley dog


poolin’ around, loutin’ about…


wes looks too dry

penky the lout

in the pool with wes

gigling hard

wes all wet